James Charles X Morphe Artistry Palette Collection Unboxing + Giveaway | Kat

He is my unboxing of the James Charles X Morphe Collection! I am beyond excited as you can probably tell! Leave me your suggestions on what other videos I can do with this collection! xo, Kat

In today’s video I will be giving away 2 $100 e-gift cards to Morphe.com to 2 of my lucky subscribers!! That way when the collection comes back in stock you’ll be able to get this palette and other goodies, Or obviously you can get whatever you want! All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you’ll be entered!

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Giveaway ends: December 15, 2018 | 11:59 CMT
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Huge Sephora Makeup Haul! | Kat

This video was filmed a while ago, but its a good one. At the time I got extremely sick but I still managed to pull myself together to film this haul. ALSO, I know my makeup looks a bit off and thats because before this video I tried filming a makeup tutorial with the koko collection by Kylie Cosmetics; and it was a MAJOR FAIL!! Basically the products from that collection did not work for me. Which is what made me discard that video all together. I tried fixing my makeup as much as possible and this is what it looked like. You probably wouldn’t have noticed but I still wanna give the low-down.

ANYWAY, thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy this video.
(I’m currently in the process of filming my Hurricane Harvey story.. Stay tuned.)

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Love, Kat

Sephora Play! Box | May 2017


This is a new type of video on my Channel/Blog, and depending on the feedback that I get from y’all on this video, will determine whether I do this unboxing every month! If you’re subscribed to the Sephora Play! Box then let me know in the comments what you think of it. Also, let me know if you think was this box worth $10?

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Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters Review + Giveaway (6 Winners)

Hello everyone, Today I am Reviewing the New Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters, there are six highlighters in total; and I managed to get my hands on all of them! I know, they keep selling out so fast but are they worth the hype?! Watch the video and find out!



Giveaway details and rules are in the description box of this video on my Channel!

#OOTD: Wednesday #Back2SchoolSeries

★★Everyday for the rest of this week (MONDAY-FRIDAY), there will be a NEW OOTD Blog Post and a NEW Fashion Short! This is for my #BACK2SCHOOLSERIES I have going on, on my Youtube Channel! So make sure you’re following LuxuryBeautyHeart; the blue follow button is to the left of this post or at the end (if you’re on a mobile device!)

Today’s post is all about Wednesday!

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* It’s about to seem like I’m being sponsored by Target, but I swear I’m not 😂


Guess what day it is!? Thats right. It’s HUMPDAY!!🐫

Wednesday is the middle of the week, I tend to become very tired and not put much effort into the day! But try to start off your day with a bomb outfit and you’ll feel like you can rule the world! At least stay awake till Friday ok? The week is almost over!


I went to Target the other day in search of school supplies which I found! But, you can’t go to Target for only a few things, I always have to check out the the clothing section..


I have been on a hunt for my perfect DENIM SHIRT, and I think I finally found it. I wanted it to be a bit oversized but not feel like I was drowning in it. I wanted it to cover my bum so I can wear it with leggings, Also, THE most important; I wanted it to button up from the front and not look like the buttons were gonna pop off at any time! (not much too ask for. Right?!)


AND.. here it is! It’s not too big, it’s not too short, and IT BUTTONS UP!!


I’m definitely one happy gal with this outfit! See ya THURSDAY😉

Start off your day with a bomb Outfit & you’ll feel like you can rule the WORLD!




#OOTD: Easy Breezy

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★★ Watch this #OOTD: EASY BREEZY | Fashion Short (1 min. video) Here.

If you’ve read my past Blog posts you know that the first requirement for me to wear an outfit is that I HAVE to feel comfortable in it! yes, HAVE to.. & let me tell you this dress blew my mind away…


The moment I saw this dress at ZARA I fell in love with it; but I immediately saw a possible problem.. It’s thick material.


Here you can see it up-close. Why is that a problem?! well, 1. It’s Summer, 2. I live in Houston, Texas were it can easily reach 115 degrees fahrenheit. Do you see the problem yet? lol

But, to my HUGE surprise, this might have been one of the most comfortable, EASY-BREEZY dress I have ever worn.

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Fashions fade, Style is eternal.

-Yves Saint Laurent


#OOTD: Dressed 2 Impress

★★ Every Sunday there is a NEW #OOTD post along with a NEW Fashion Short. So, make sure you’re following Luxurybeautyheart. The blue follow button is to the right of this post or at the end (if you’re on a mobile device)♡


Hello! My fellow FASHIONISTAS..♡

★★ Watch this #OOTD: Dressed 2 Impress | Fashion Short (1 min. video) Here.



This top is from Zara. I recently hauled it, stay tuned for a Summer Fashion Haul that will go up soon, on my Channel.

I love this top not only for its cute summer-y print; also because it has 3 different kinds of fabric (Cotton, Lace, & Chiffon). Usually, I’m not a big fan of Chiffon during the summer, because it tends to be a non-breathable material and mixed with this Texas heat, it’s never a good thing. (& sweat marks are not cute!) But this top is so well made, that it felt nice and comfortable.



The tight pencil skirt is from Forever 21. I’ve had it for year now and it has become a staple in my closet, I always pull it out every time I have a flow-y top. It makes a great balance.


Now, let’s talk accessories!

My cobalt blue heels are by Steve Madden. They are fabulous! I’ve had ’em for years.

Over-sized Sunnies are from ALDO Accessories. I’m currently obsessed with all-things Rose Gold. Perfect neutral to go with this outfit. (but, they still steal the show don’t you think?)


★★ Don’t forget to watch this OOTD in Action Here

★If you have any questions, don’t be shy! Ask!

See ya next Sunday Beauties!