Christmas Apartment Tour |12 days of Blogmas | Kat

When to expect a Blogmas post: There will be a new Blogmas post every other day in the month of December, Starting on December 1, 2018! This will be a series of fun/Christmas themed blog content. I hope you’re ready because there’s so many fun things that I have planned! Make sure you click the “FOLLOW” button to get a notification of when i’ve posted something new! Trust me, you don’t want to miss anything! 

🎄 This is Day 2 🎄


I love all things Christmas! And I want to make my home feel nice and cozy for the holidays. My style is very minimal, neutral colors, with pops of color. My theme this year is red and gold, with accents of red plaid, and lots of pre-lit greenery.  So here is what i’ve done to my apartment so far. Enjoy!


On my entertainment center I wrapped some garland that I got from the target dollar spot, It’s beautiful and so glittery. Also, you can never go wrong with a few twinkle lights. This is also one of my favorite pictures from our wedding that always sits here. And one of our favorite scents from bath and body works, is winter.


I had an exact idea of what I wanted to do for my sitting area, and now looking at it I feel like some furry white pillows would really complete the look. So now I’m in the lookout for the perfect ones. But for now, I found the type of throw pillows I wanted, not quite the color because they’re a bit dull, but the look of them. You have no idea what we went through to find these.


We only have room for one side table, but I can’t forget about it. Even though it’s in the far corner, I still have to make it a little festive. So I got this set of 3 white Christmas trees that bring the some light to this dark corner.


My Christmas tree is so special to us. We got about 3 or 4 years ago, when we first got married and we still love it so much! Again I go for a more simply, uniform look. I pick my colors for the year and I make it happen. I definitely don’t like the crowded look. Still on the lookout for the perfect tree skirt. If you have nay suggestions that would go with my theme, please let me know in the comments.


The kitchen this year, I decided to go with lots of pre-lit garland. My favorite is the 18 ft. by phillips #notsponsored. The lights on it are warm and soft. just absolutely perfect. Just threw some all around the cabinets, and i’m obsessed!


This is the hallway corner that I never know what to do with it, and it’s always empty. I just filled it with this little table that I no longer wanted in my office and it fits perfectly here. What do you think of my small Christmas tree? and my little winter birdie?



This is my office/living room, the room is a complete mess, but the background of my videos is on point!



I’ve never been interested in decorating our bedroom for the holidays. But this year I wanted to do something, and here’s what I have so far!


There’s lots more I want to do in our apartment but I couldn’t wait to show you, what I have so far.

Thanks for joining me! See you Wednesday! xo, kat