Sephora Play! Box | March 2018 | Kat

Behold! the Shortest Sephora Play! Box video ever on my channel haha. It was an interesting month.. to say the least. Thanks for watching! Love ya!


Kylie Cosmetics Blue Honey Palette | Kat

My thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics newest kyshadow palette! Thanks for watching ♡

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Fenty Beauty Foundation Review | Kat

Tutorial of the makeup worn on this video:

These are my thoughts on the internet’s hottest new foundation! Don’t forget to give me a thumbs u, and hit that subscribe button. Thank you so much for stopping by.. and as promised in the video here is how it wore throughout the night…(Be sure to watch the video first!)

Final Check-in:
This foundation definitely took me by surprise throughout the night, It stayed put; no creasing, no caking, it stayed matte, it was absolute perfection. I got home a little after midnight (from 3pm-midnight that’s a 9 hour wear test) and it looked like I had just applied it!

Soft Pink Valentine’s Day Glam | Kat


Hey, loves! Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re having an amazing day with your loved ones. Here is what I came up with, I was definitely feeling more feminine, and what better color to use than soft pink. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please don’t forget to subscribe!

Full Face Using Sephora Samples | Kat

I definitely thought this was gonna be a good idea.. But, I still had so much fun filming it! Let me know in the comments, what you thought about the end result! Thanks for watching loves.

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Sephora Play! Box | January 2018 | Kat

Hello, everyone
One of the most frustrating things to me is not getting my packages on time, seriously the only bad thing about this subscription box is how late they ship them out every month, and it seems that every month my box keeps coming later and later. With that being said this video was suppose to go up the latest 11:59 pm on Jan. 31 but I didn’t get my package until the 31st. I think the box should arrive no later than mid-month; that way I can enjoy my products the rest of the month. BUT, anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this unboxing! Love ya!

Oh! and btw.. my next video is quite interesting lol

Fresh & Glowy Makeup For 2018 *NO FOUNDATION | KAT


As we’re all yearning for a fresh new start for the new year, Our makeup routine might need a little cleaning up. This is a makeup look I came up with for ‘everyday’, if you’re looking for a Glowy & Fresh Makeup this is the video for you! Thanks for turning in! Love, ya ♡