Kylie Cosmetics Naughty Palette Review & Demo + Giveaway!


Have you been wondering about if the Naughty Palette by Kylie Cosmetics was worth the hype? Well, Watch this video and find out.
Since you guys are being so unbelievably, amazing in last weeks giveaway I decided to host another one! Read all about the giveaway below! Lot’s of kisses.

My husband and I are doing VLOGMAS this year come join us on my Vlog Channel



1. Must be a SUBSCRIBER to this channel! *Please, if you’re not here for my content, and here solely for the giveaway; Do not enter. I want the prize to go to one of my loving, loyal subscribers!
2. Must be 18 years or older (Or have parents permission)
3. U.S./ CANADA only. *Trust me I see who my loyal international subbies are, Don’t be discouraged. I may or may not be working on something 😉
4. Like & Comment in this video.

Giveaway ends December 23, 2017, 11:59 pm CMT

PRIZE: 1 Winner! Subscriber will win a $50 Kylie Cosmetics Gift Card.


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