Favorite Things To Do During The Christmas Time | #12daysofblogmas

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❄︎ This is Day Six 🎄

Yesterday’s Post: My Christmas Wishlist

There are so many exciting things to do, during the Holiday season. From Christmas Gift Shopping to Fairy light watching. Here’s a list of my Top Ten Favorite things to do during this Wonderful time.


  1. Making my home nice and cozy! With soft blankets and furry cushions on the Couch, and candles everywhere!
  2. Setting up the Christmas Tree as soon as we can, but we usually try to get through Thanksgiving before we set it up! How soon do you set your tree up?
  3. Believe it or not, I find that shopping for people that I love during Christmas, is way more fun than receiving gifts. Mostly because i’m pretty good at guessing what people want!
  4. I’m not sure if there is something similar in other cities, but here in Houston we have something we the Zoo Lights, Which is exactly that Our Houston Zoo Just decked out for the Holidays. It’s pretty extraordinary if you ask me. And family friendly!
  5. This may sound a bit creepy but everyone does it, and if you don’t you’re truly missing out! I love going through other peoples neighborhoods to see how they’ve decked out their front yards! It’s so cool how everyone’s individuality comes out through how they decorate for Christmas! Grab a Cup of Hot Chocolate and get in your car and drive around with your family; and watch how amazed they get, the Best part is that it’s free!
  6. Going out of town to visit family i’ve not seen in months! Especially if where they live there’s snow!
  7. Watching Christmas Films of Course! Cuddling up on the couch watching Elf, sounds like the perfect night for me!
  8. Having Spa Nights! Especially when it’s cold outside, throw a bath bomb in the Tub full of water, set up some candles and relax!
  9. Church Christmas Programs! They’re always the best and we all get to sing together to our favorite Christmas songs sang by the Choir!
  10. Spending time with my loved ones, seeing how much joy this time of year brings them!


What are your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season?

Love, Kat



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