My Christmas Wishlist | #12daysofblogmas

❅❅ Welcome to #12daysofblogmas 2016 with Kat! I absolutely love all things Christmas, and everyday leading up to Christmas Day I will be posting a NEW Christmas/Winter inspired Blog Posts. So make sure you’re Following LuxuryBeautyHeart. The blue follow button is to the right of this post or at the end–(if you’re on a mobile device)♡

❄︎ This is Day Five 🎄

Yesterday’s Post: Favorite Christmas Films

My husband and I decided to not give big and extravagant gifts to each other this Christmas because we are trying to save our money for bigger better things! We have so much planned for 2017, that Christmas presents are just not are main priority this year, but if I we were exchanging gifts this is what I would ask for! (obviously would never expect to get all of them. Maybe one or two 😉) And if you need a little bit more help on coming up with your own Christmas Wishlist then; I hope this helps you a on what to ask for!

Btw.. These are the Luxury items that I would want. I believe in investing in key pieces for my closet, instead of buying a ton of trendy cheap pieces that will quickly go out of style. I’ve also wanted these pieces for so many years, I’ve done my research on them, which I definitely recommend you doing your own research; specially for these high ticket prices.



At the top of my List is a Monogrammed Burberry Scarf, It’s Chic and never goes out of style.



Next, The Gorgeous Speedy BANDOULIÈRE 30. I’ve wanted this bag every since I was 13 years old and I still feel the same way about it! It’s crazy how this never goes out of style as well! Another Favorite of mine and also a blogger fave is the Neverfull PM.



Tiffany & Co. Makes the most stunning pair of stud Diamond earrings! I think they would be staples to have, and would go with pretty much anything.

Makeup & Skincare wise:

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder

L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Chloé Signature Set which is on sale right now! I Already own it, But It’s such a great value for the price I thought I would include it.



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