Creating a Christmas Tradition | #12daysofblogmas

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❄︎ This is Day Two 🎄

Yesterday’s Post: Musical Holiday Cheer

In this post I will share with you one of my Husband and I’s Christmas traditions. Granted this is only our second Christmas being married but I still wanted to share this story with you all!


Christmas traditions, create some of the most awesome memories you can make! Whether you’re newlyweds; or been married for twenty years with four kids, it’s always so much fun and everyone looks forward to them. Keep in mind it’s not about how extravagant your tradition is, is about spending time with your loved ones. Also, The sooner you start them the better, Trust me it’s not too late!


Last year my Husband and I were newlyweds and I wanted to start a Christmas tradition for him and I. Something that we could do every year, just us two together. We don’t have any Children yet, but even if we did, I think it’s still pretty important to carve out time to create memories with your spouse.


If you watch our Vlogmas videos you would know that we love our Christmas Tree. Therefore, when I was shopping for Christmas presents Last Year If found this ceramic ornament that says Mr. and Mrs. 1st Christmas and I thought it would be such a cute, and awesome idea; to every year put a new and different ornament on our tree, that represents us as a couple, no matter if kids arrive later in life, that we still have this tradition to ourselves.

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And this year I couldn’t seem to find an ornament that represented us. Then at Target I found this Frame in the form of an ornament In which we can put a picture of us from our Christmas pictures shoot. I think that having a picture taken of us every Christmas and putting it on our tree, seeing how we changed appearance wise throughout the years will be such a cool experience! (Picture in frame coming soon)

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When Making a Christmas tradition don’t overthink it! Keep it simple and fun, and trust me your family will appreciate you so much for it in years to come. Make this Christmas memorable, Remember the fun in Christmas It’s not only on December 25th; it’s also the days leading up to it that make Christmas fun for the entire family.

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If you need Christmas Tradition Ideas, Just search through Pinterest and type in Christmas traditions, Trust me a ton will pop up!

❄︎ I’m doing Vlogmas on my Vlog Channel, with my Husband! Also Putting out new Christmasy Beauty and Fashion Videos on my Main Channel!

Love, Kat


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