Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Brush Set + Giveaway!!

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❅ I finally received one of my Kylie Cosmetics packages in the mail.. after so much drama with their costumer service, but i’ll save that story for later!

In this video I Unboxed for the first time the first set of Kylie Cosmetics Brushes!! I also gave you my First Impressions, Demo, and my final thoughts, Is it worth it?! I don’t know watch the video and find out! I hope this review was helpful for you all, and you know; if I’m reviewing a Kylie Product there will obviously be a GIVEAWAY!!! Watch the video on my Channel and read the description box for all the details and rules to enter this Giveaway! By the way it’s International!!!


❄︎❄︎ I’m also doing VLOGMAS this year!! and we are beyond excited to be sharing this holiday season with you all! Here is VLOGMAS DAY ONE. Come join us!


♡ Kat


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