#OOTD: Leading Lady

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Hello! Today I am bringing you the second transitional outfit from Summer to Fall. Next week on the 22nd of September is the first day of Fall!! I am SUPER excited!


I have been drinking lots of Hot and Cold PSL’s and I am living! haha, let’s get back to the outfit!


First things first, why am I wearing white bottoms after labor day?

Well, I am all about empowering individual thinking and wearing something that makes you feel good. I believe that one’s fashion is personal and it shouldn’t be defined by someone else! And also, because I think it looks bomb with so many outfits for Fall. If you’re trying to brighten things up a bit during these dark months it’s a great way to do that. Now that, that’s out of the way..



The colors on this flannel are like nothing I’ve seen before and it looks and feels expensive for being from Forever 21. Red, Blue, and Cream perfect for Fall! I paired it with a simple tee for a more laid back look..


These heels are perfect year-round but during Fall they’re just interesting to look at. Plus, they make any outfit look chic. These are definite go-to for me!



I love everything about this rule-breaking outfit. Oh you know, just casually sitting here by the water in my heels! What are you talking about? I do this everyday! haha.. just kidding not all the time 😉


Don’t be afraid to try something NEW!



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