#OOTD: Très Chic

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Bonjour, Beauties!

★★ Watch this #OOTD: TRÈS CHIC | Fashion Short (1 min. video) Here.

When I think of the word CHIC, what automatically pops into my head is simple yet elegant.


As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love! It can be dressed up for an uptown dinner date or dress down for a seaside dinner.

Even though this dress doesn’t have color, pattern, or “shape” to it, it’s a pretty bold statement dress.

Sometimes, less is actually more; and with that being said, I kept it simple with the accessories: A silver necklace with the letter “K”, & my brown leather watch. (Both were gifts so, I don’t know where they’re from)

SHOES: Steve Madden

Can we talk about these shoes?! I have owned these for a few years now, and to me they never get old or out of style (during Spring & Summer), and the colors on them make them very versatile . You can wear them as a statement piece or to emphasize a color on your outfit.

P.S. One of my dreams is to one day visit Paris and attend Paris Fashion Week..

★★ Don’t forget to watch this OOTD in Action Here

See ya next Sunday Beauties!

Don’t be afraid to dream




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