#OOTD: Bohemian Winds

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Before we get started to today’s exciting Summer #OOTD post, I want to introduce a new series that will go up on my YouTube Channel every Sunday; along with my weekly Fashion post here on WordPress.

Introducing.. the NEW FASHION SHORTS (get it!? no? OK!)

**Every Fashion SHORT (hence the name) will no be longer than ONE minute, but you will be able to see each #OOTD that I post every Sunday in action! I have been keeping this project a secret for some time now, and I’m so excited to FINALLY share it with you! Thank you all for your continued support and for coming back every Sunday! 


 Hello Beauties, 

Today, I wanna talk about the Bohemian trend that keeps coming back every Summer! Which I definitely don’t mind at all! I think during Summer the ‘Boho look’ is my most favorite trend of all.


Shoes: Forever 21; I have a feeling these are gonna be very loved this Summer! They go with almost anything, and let me not get started on how comfortable they are!

Crossbody Bag: BCBG; Another trend this Summer is mixing warm tones with cool tones. **But keep it simple when doing this, make sure the accessories you add, don’t have a print. Especially if the dress has an all over print. 

Just a little tip, But of course you can do whatever you want because, at the end of the day it’s your style! If you think it looks good then Rock It! (Confidence is the best accessory)



My dress is from Free People; Which is one of my favorite stores to shop at for the perfect Boho look.

I tend to gravitate towards these type of dresses simply because, the materials they are made of tend to be very airy/lightweight; which means that in those scorching, hot, HOUSTON days, I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and it gave you a little inspiration on something you can wear this Summer!

**Don’t forget to watch this Outfit In Action Here

Confidence is the BEST accessory




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