4th of July Outfit Ideas 2016

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Before we begin this post, I just want to Honor the Men, Women, and K9s that have served our country and have paid the ultimate price. Also, to all of you that are in active duty away from your loved ones on this special day and every other day; I just want you to know that I appreciate the freedom that I have because of you. I know it’s not much but I just want to say, Thank You.


Watch the 4TH OF JULY LOOKBOOK | OUTFIT IDEAS video first then, come back so I can tell you what inspired each outfit. Enjoy!


I decided to release this blog post on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 alongside my 4th of July Lookbook  video that went up on my YouTube Channel, in honor of Independence Day. Here, in America this day is so special and we love to celebrate it.

P.s. We’re very patriotic about it! We proudly wear our stars and stripes; for that makes us who we are.

Let’s jump right into it!

First up, is SOUTHERN BELLE:

Light Wash Denim Dress: Marshall’s
She is sweet and simple. She was inspired by the average American girl.

Messenger Bag & Flats: Forever 21
Her outfit reflects her kindness, and sweet SOUTHERN hospitality. You can find her in the nearest family gathering, having some 4th of July BBQ with her loved ones.



Peace Out Shirt & Shorts: Marshall’s,
She’s all about showing her country some love! And during 4th of July the more STARS & STRIPES the better!

Hat: Target, Shoes: Forever 21
Her daytime outfit shows that she’s ready for anything. You can find her in the nearest 4th of July Party, dancing her he♡rt out, and the first at all the parades!



Dress & Shoes: Forever 21
She’s a hopeless romantic, but there is an edge to her.


You can find her in the nearest 4th of July sunset concert. But, what she’s really been looking forward to is, the Fireworks show after the concert. All she needs is someone to watch them with, but, she definitely doesn’t mind watching them by herself.


I hope this inspired you this Independence Day. Send me a pic on Twitter or Instagram with your recreations! I’ll show you some love for sure♡

Which girl will you be this 4th of July?



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