Spring Outfits 2016: Fashion Diary | Lookbook | What I Wore

Pictures taken from My Instagram

I have been wanting to start my own blog for a while now. But I have been focusing so much on my Youtube Channel.

I wanted to give each individual OOTD, (that I posted on Instagram) it’s own individual post, but since I never got around to it, I’m just going to walk you through all 12 outfits. What I wore, why I wore it, and where the items are from.

My style, very much reflects how I am feeling that day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a specific style (unless you count me, dressing like a ballerina every single day when I was five.) My preferences are being comfy, but cute and stylish.

Grab a snack, Get comfy, and lets begin!


Quick Disclaimer: * I USED to work at Forever 21, therefore, the only time I had to go shopping was during my working hours. So yes, I own too many things from it. (But, hey! The pieces are extremely cute.) I don’t shop there as often anymore.


Look #1- Worn On: March 20, 2016 AKA the 1st Day of Spring.
For this outfit I wanted something fresh and simple but still keeping it “Spring Appropriate” so, I opted for a grey and light pink dress from Forever 21 as my base and I worked around it. The cardigan (also from F21) is such a perfect piece to spice up any outfit. The pattern is subtle yet, it is what makes this outfit so interesting. Shoes are also from Forever 21.


Look #2- Worn On: March 27, 2016 Easter Sunday
This outfit literally took me back to the days when I would get super dressed up to go to church, and as much as I love a good pair of designer heels I also just love to be comfortable at all times (Lets be honest heels were, and never will be comfortable). Anyway, This beautiful, dusty pink dress is from Forever 21(yes, i know lol. We already discussed that subject.) The detail on this dress is very vintage and modest. Can you guess what my favorite part of this dress is? Yes! the tutu skirt. The heels are from BCBG.


Look #3- Worn on April 3, 2016
As you can tell from the first outfit, black was already on my radar for Spring. This little black dress that I’ve had & recycled from last year was the perfect bohemian look I was going for. The fabric is so light and airy that i feel so comfortable in it, every time I wear it. Another thing i’ve owned for the last 4 years is this black purse from F21, looks super expensive but it was only around $30 (yes, I remember because back then that used to be a lot of money for me.) I get so many compliments on this bag every time I wear it.. I got my shoes years ago from Ross. Making this look a #THROWBACK look using old staples in my closet.


Look #4- Worn on April 10, 2016
This Outfit was festival inspired. The entire outfit is from Forever 21. (#not sponsored. I SWEAR) The craze for Coachella was just beginning and even tough I could not make it this year, it is still so fun dressing up as if I was going.


Look #5- Worn on: April 17, 2016
As Spring went by the days began to get gloomi-er, raini-er, and my outfits definitely began reflecting that. This is basically the same outfit as Look #1 with the exception of the shoes and the color of the dress. This edgy meets romantic look is perfect for a busy rainy day.
When I find an item that looks good on its own but, can also become a basic staple in my closet; I purchase it in the available in different colors it comes in (IF i like the colors of course). That is what this dress is. It only came in soft pink and black, so you know i got both. Now, I have two simple pieces that can be worn multiple ways for different occasions.


Look #6- Worn on April 24, 2016
This is what I like to call my: Casual Sunday Brunch Outfit. I chose this angle of the picture because I wanted to show how cool this dress was. It is a tie-dye cami feel dress, that is low from the front and the back going down to a pointy angle; and it comes up on the sides to show a little bit more leg. Which I love so it does not look too modest, but it is not too revealing. Btw its from Marshalls. The shoes and white denim jacket are from F21, the tote is from BCBG.


Look #7- Worn on: April 30, 2016
Comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice style. This Nautical/Trendy look is super comfortable and stylish.
The jacket is light enough to take off if it gets to hot and it fits in my bag without making it look bulky, and you can put it back on if it gets too cold. I love this outfit for Summer as well.
Dress & Jacket: F21, Tote: BCBG, Metallic-grey sandals: Macys


Look #8- Worn On: May 1, 2016
DENIM has made a comeback! Ok, that’s no recent news. But, it totally exploded this year; everyone is wearing some sort of denim and this button-down “denim” dress by f21 is genius, it has a denim look to it but its not denim, so it is very soft and comfortable on the skin. Throw on some neutral accessories and ¡voila! you have yourself a trendy outfit.


Look #9- Worn On: May 8, 2016
First of all how cute is this bush of flowers?! Reflects spring so well. Anyway, by this point I was so over the gloomy days.. It felt like Houston had not seen the Sun in two months, but it was only two weeks. Enough about the weather and pretty little flowers.
This day, I did not want to take too much time getting glammed-up. Sundays are always very hectic; but on this particular Sunday I was speaking in front of a group of Young Adults (how nerve-wrecking). So, I had to think of a simple way to look put together but, not too overdone.
For the longest time I had been wanting a pair of white Converse. Converse are an item that have been trendy for so long, its the only trend that I’ve seen stick around for over a decade; and they’re not going away anytime soon. So, with that being said, converse are a trendy staple in your closet. I worked the outfit around these shoes and came up with this simple, clean look.
White denim pants: F21, Tie-dye long tank: Marshalls, Crossbody Bag: BCBG


Look #10- Worn On: May 15, 2016
This photoshoot was so fun to do because, I got to do it while it was raining. Then, it started pouring and I got soaked but I still had so much fun. The grey dress, cardigan, and shoes are: F21
If you had not noticed, the shoes are another item that I got in all the available colors: Camel, Black, and White; Neutrals that can be paired with any outfit (They are super comfy).


Look #11- Worn On: May 22, 2016
Mr. Sun decided to make an unexpected appearance, and to celebrate I wanted to use different colors but not look like a clown (that’s never cute.. if you’re not an actual clown)
I used this beautiful blouse from JCPenney, and everything else is actual denim from F21 (Go figure). How cool are the shoes though?


Look #12- Worn On: May 29, 2016
To end this season and this post: here is a very simple-girly look. Just a dress and cute white shoes. I Love the dress because of its flowy-ness and its pink splatter all over. It’s not too overwhelming on those scorching hot days we get here in Texas.
Dress: Marshalls


This Spring was so fun for me! I got to play dress up. Thank you all so much for your continued support. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. After this long-read post; every Sunday there will be a new #OOTD post just like these. So, make sure you enter your name and e-mail down below to get a notification every Sunday morning when the posts go live! ♡

***Let me know in the comment section which look was your favorite.

If I didn’t mention something or if you have a question please, ask away! I try to respond everyone as fast as I can!


Love, Kat WordPress ending








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